Fake iPhone 11 Pro Max scam⚠️

Bought a new iPhone for my instagramming and YouTubing just to get scammed. Bought it off a guy in Brampton on Facebook marketplace. Cost me $1000 of hard work. Lesson learned to be careful when your buying from people online. Legit the police and Apple couldn’t do anything🙄🚫

#applefraud #fakeiphones

You guys stay safe cause I love y’all🗯🔥
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  1. I don't like apple but would not want a fake iphone android because it's not really android if it doesn't have a authentic kernel thus software is unsafe and largely broken

  2. Yo I live in Toronto and I think I seen this guy selling these fake phones on Kijiji

  3. bro u should have atleast bought the normal 11 :(( or atleast spent a little more to get it in the store

  4. 1000 for a fake?! I am so sorry bro! Always make sure they show you the camera before buying it and you compare it to a video of an actual iPhone 11 pro camera. If it acts / looks any different to the actual camera then it’s fake and you should confront them.

  5. Damn that sucks. I will never trust anyone to buy a product like that. Seen to much bs will people pulling a fast one

  6. When you buy new iPhone YOU SHOULD check Appstore app, keyboard, back cameras and SERIAL NUMBER on the back side of the box. Enter this serial number on official Apple website. Maybe I wrote this comment incorrectly, because im Russian

  7. Sorry to say but if you paid for gold and didnt get gold, then you should’ve asked for a refund right there and then . It’s kinda your fault man

  8. no wonder u got scam.."camera androidish"..android is an operating system..camera is measured by megapixel..and and fake iphone 11 hv many grade..like fake A grade u wont be able to differentiate because they actually use apple board but changed its inner component such as,shitty microphone n speaker, no wiresless charging no 3d touch..they kept the camera original because thats main reason why poeple by iphone and that usually the 1st thing people open ,so they dont get blown..puff, alot of shit going around..just go apple store, pay premium price for your peace of mind with waranty included under ur name..instead of u think u saved $500 when u actually lost $1000

  9. May I ask if you had the money, why didn't you just go to an official store? Or a cellular company?

  10. This literally happened to me. I got scammed for $500 I didn’t even know a “fake iPhone” was even a thing. He even had the audacity to text me from his real number. +1 (832) 589-5624 buyer beware of this seller on offer up.

  11. That’s why you don’t buy expensive stuff off people and if you do check before purchasing, smh

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