Fishing Joy Hack

This video shows you how to hack fishing joy on iphone/ipad/ipod touch =)

Note: Only works on devices that support multitasking! If you have a 2nd gen ipod touch or older models you will have to jailbreak and edit the N72AP.plist file to enable multitasking. Send me a message if you’re not sure about it, I can send you my edited N72AP.plist file and all you have to do is to copy it into your jailbroken device and restart it =)

Here’s how,
Charge up a laser and fire it, close the game immediately after the laser beam appears. Go to settings, change the time to 2 hours earlier. Open the game and tap continue. Enjoy the sound of coins flying into your pocket!

Music: Techno Jam by Musicshake


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  1. @thesuperpro98 I used display recorder =) Don't update the game or this wouldn't work!

  2. @kellyjiajia I don't think it does. I've never used android before so i wouldn't know.

  3. @RaymondisMine o.O it does! I did it twice on ipad 2, separate devices. try closing everything else in the multitask bar.

  4. @Baganeo ipod touch 4th generation? yes it works =) it will work on any device THAT SUPPORTS MULTITASKING =D

  5. @HELLCURSER sorry I don't own an android phone, don't know anything about them >.<

  6. @TheArzonite Go to 'scenes' at the starting screen. scroll right and select the second tank =) you only need to be lvl 5 to use it.

  7. Does those swordfishes and treasures come when im like lvl 10 or something, i have only hammerhead sharks and im lvl 6? but thanks isf that works.

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