Fix iPhone 6/6S Stuck in Recovery Mode. NO Restore, NO Data Loss!

iPhone 6/6S stuck in recovery mode and won’t update or restore after trying to get the lastest iOS 13 update. How to fix? With ReiBoot, you can fix it in few clicks.

No need to restore or spend a lot of money to purchase a new phone.
Here goes the tutorial:
1. Install ReiBoot in your PC or Mac.
2. Connect iPhone to PC/Mac via USB cable.
3. Choose “Fix All iOS Stuck”, Then “Download” Firmware and “Start Repair”.
4. The repair process will take about 5 to 10 minutes. Please make sure the internet connection in good condition while repairing.
5. Your iPhone 6/6S go back again.

2 Ways to Fix iPhone/iPad Stuck in Recovery Mode during iOS 13 Upgrade/Downgrade

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  1. I never leave youtube comments but this helped me so much and so quickly! 2 hours of my phone being bricked, installed the program and my phone exited recovery mode within seconds. Cannot thank you enough for this extremely helpful program, I told my friends about it on twitter lol.

    Edit: I was trying to update to ios 12 on my iPhone 6s (my phone became bricked as I said before) and my phone eventually became stuck between not updating and not restoring. Decided to youtube solutions and read comments about paying $30, though I didn't see anything about money.

  2. I think this software is the best software I have ever used. Thank you so much for your team, my iPhone has gained a new life! I will share it with my friends definitely.

  3. exit recovery mode did not work for me with this software which was free to try (why not). beware though you would need to buy upgrade to test other fixes.

  4. hopefully this wworks cuz this is my mums phone and if she finds out its stuck in the itune, then im not gonna have a pleasant day
    Edit: didn't wwork i can't pay

  5. It was very helpful info, but you should say that we have to buy the pro version for correct working of repairing process.

  6. The one-click exit didn't work for me. If Imyphone's standard fix didn't work, I doubt this will.

  7. I am not paying 50 for my phone being stuck when I can get someone to do it on their own for 15. Its a rip off and prob doesn't work.

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