Fix to: iPhone 7 keeps going to lock screen – iphone keeps restarting

When I woke up today, my iPhone 7 kept going to lock screen and randomly restarting. So first it went to black screen with spinning wheel and then to lock screen. This also stopped any active apps.

I found the solution to this iPhone 7 problem on reddit (link below). It turns out that this is caused by apps that send out notifications at regular time.

The solution is that you turn off all your notifications or just for apps that send regular notifications this way your phone will stop showing you lock screen randomly.

If you iphone keeps returning to lock screen, randomly goes to a black screen, respiring or keeps crashing – this is the video for you.

iPhone 7+ black screen to spinning wheel to lockscreen

Reddit post that saved my iphone 7:

Video of iPhone smashing:


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  1. I don't have headspace. I just select an app to turn notifications off and it didn't work omg im really typing this while my phone always keeps on going to home screen plss helpp😭

  2. So… What can I do if my iPhone has no settings app? It's entirely missing. Doesn't show up in Spotlight and Siri can't find it

  3. This just happened to me today, thank you! My phone is okay now. 😃

  4. I be trying to watch something then all of a sudden Home screeb

  5. This keeps happening for me, I don’t have notifications turned on for YouTube or Instagram but regardless it keeps happening like every 4 minutes

  6. hey. my dad is facing this issue since morning, he has 6S, and i did switch off the notifications, but problem persists. if you have any other way, or if anyone can help me.

  7. Thank you so much.. it really helped me..
    The whole day, it was super annoying for me..
    before this, i tried restart, shut down and reset all settings.. none of them worked
    Now, i deleted a few unused apps and disabled notifications for one or two apps.. it did the trick immediately 🙂

  8. You're the man! Got the issue on iPhone 8, iOS 11.1, turning off notifications helped, thanks!

  9. Thank you so much this was happing for hours and I must have rebooted my phone 100 times I was nearly cry because anytime I clicked on an app my phone would do that thing it was a game I downloaded that done it helped so much thank you thank you thank you 😁😁😁

  10. I am facing these problems in ios 11.4 also. Same problems with my iphone and ipd

  11. Useful video? This was the most useful thing I've seen in years! and yes I was about to hammer my phone

  12. I read in the comments you suggest to download and install the 11.2 software update to fix this problem.
    I’ve already installed it (11.2.1) and this doesn’t solve the issue at all ?
    By the way, I never used Headspace so should I turn off notifications for all my apps ? 🙄

  13. k…. but, so now you can't get notifications for that app?   great fix? i guess….

  14. I had the headspace app on my phone as well. I just deleted it but it kept doing it. Turned all the other notifications off and it worked!!! Thanks so much for this video because I was seriously about to loose it when it cut off my music this morning on the way to work! LOL!

  15. This is what we called – A man with logic and sense.
    No crap talk, just getting to solution we were looking for.
    good work mate!

  16. Yep, Headspace for me, too. Nice app coding, dickheads! Thanks for saving me some serious frustration.

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