Fortnite World Cup – Solo finals highlights


  1. Hearing the caster mentioning you would be thrilling.

    Imagine if he is & stereotypical "quiet kid" & he just got funded for I.R.L. golden weapons.

    Also, I read in a comment below that it was 3,000,000 dollars indeed but in-game. Is this true? & if so, then it cost nearly anything to Epic Games.

  2. King… algun dia lograre lo que tu lograste con tan solo 13 años, yo tambien con 13 años lo estoy luchando entrenando todos los dias y algun dia voy a ganar el mundial de fortnite…

  3. I don't see anything I dnt understand how the players are able to kill the opponent. Smh

  4. Me: ohh this guy won the world cup. I didn't expect that.
    Also me: already looking up his YT

  5. Bugha playing World Cup:

    Mom: Lunch is ready!

    Bugha: I’m in the middle of a 3 million dollar game.

    Mom: you can just pause it.

  6. aaayeee good stuff man 😁 you've gotz sum great vidz honestly dude keep uploading and you'll do very good cheers brotha 😄

  7. So your telling me all of these crowds are there just to see some fortnite kids playing it’s absolutely BORING to see so eone playing and your not I’d go and play too

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