Found an abandoned phone in rubbish | Restoration Destroyed iPhone 6s Plus | How to rebuild

Found an abandoned phone in rubbish | Restoration Destroyed iPhone 6s Plus | How to rebuild

Hi guys! Welcome to the “JaiPhone ” official channel.
I always restoration old cell phone, New Broken phone, Destroyed phone, Broken Smartphone, Find a phone that has been dumped to restore and restore it. Restoration All models Like Samsung, iPhone, Nokia, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei, LG… And much more!

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  1. good video but i know that the phone was already your old phone but good try. your finger print scanner works great with your prints lol good try.

  2. Ooo yar manu taaa lagda vaaaa kiaa appana ye new to new phone liiaaa kaaa tor lada va ta sonu dek vee kar kaaaa vaka dida va ta youtobe too 🤑🤑 cash laaioda va

  3. Impressionante ele achou o telefone no lixo e já estava com a digital o miserável é um gênio!

  4. Bro i love iphone but i cant afford please gift me one of iphone that u have found from garbage and repair
    Thanks a lot…..

  5. Gran paja,farza k casualidad k andan basureando,grabando y derrepente encuentran un celular, ya no hayan que hacer para ganar👍y dinero.pajeros

  6. At 16:32 the rubber/sponge is wet….. Maybe this phone was cleaned and restaurated, but I'm sure – it does not work anymore.


  8. Why do you fix it, after all, using the iphone is a shame and embarrassing.

  9. لاعبها يحوس فلقمامة ولقاه صدفة وكي صنعه انتحل بلبصمة تاعه وملقا لا ايكلود لا والو ههه ها من الاولة قول بلي تهرسلك وغادي تخدمه

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