Game Corner Pokémon Heart Gold & Soul Silver Music Extended [Music OST][Original Soundtrack]


  1. I sent days playing this god forsaken game only because I wanted a Dratini.

  2. Why did anyone bother to get the Dratini from the game corner when you can just catch a wild one, saving so much time in the process?

  3. Sounds kinda similar to ‘enemy approaching’ from undertale

  4. I’ve been searching for ages to find the HG SS version but all I could find were remixes!

  5. "Show me how you play and make my heart pound with excitement!"
    Game crashes with music still playing

  6. Everyone complaining as if it isn’t sudoku but a billion times easier lmaooo

  7. Why do they take the game corner out of the main series but in gta it’s completely fine!!!!!! So dumb….

  8. I could never for the life of me figure out how to play that buggering game…

  9. Every god forsaken time I go through Goldrenrod City, the temptation to spend the next 73 hours of my life grinding for a Dratini overwhelms me

  10. "Show me how you play and make my heart pound with excitement!"
    Goddamn legendary line right there

  11. I was decent at the game and managed to get myself a dratini. He's currently in my pokemon white version though

  12. Only true alpha mens are in the comments of this video. Goddamn it.

  13. Does anyone remember that one flip note where if you paused it, you get a certain prize?, It was like an arcade game and everything. It was beautiful and I truly miss it.

    That’s what brought me here.

  14. Me: Heck yeah! Time for some slots-
    What is this Voltorb Flap-Jack doing here?!

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