Game Corner (STEREO) – Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal


  1. If I put this on during a party and I want everyone stomping to the beat and clapping every half a second

  2. I went to the casino on my 18th birthday and I thought of this song when I walked in lol

  3. hey guys does anyone get reminded of this when they listen to rude buster a little bit or am i just weird

  4. Yo I haven't heard this in like a decade.. geez life was sooo stress free as a kid. Thanks mom :')

  5. A real banger that always gets me in a gambling mood 🎰 🎲

  6. I always loved listening to this as a kid. Would just leave it playing on loop out loud on my Gameboy

  7. Love this theme,reminds me of the times I happily played on the game corner until I either got tired or had enough coins to buy a dratini!

  8. So this is what inspired Enemy Approaching and Rude Buster

  9. This reminds me of a time where I spent a lot of money to get Game Coins (because I didn't know how to to get them otherwise for some reason) just so I could get Dratini before entering Dragon's Den. The music left me staying there for longer

  10. It's strange to say, but I played this game almost every day at a point. In fact, this game helped me get through my grandfather's passing, and one of my life's low points, and this would always cheer me up so whoever has similar experiences, I feel you.

  11. A big RIP for Game Corner in non-Japanese versions of HeartGold and SoulSilver. Voltorb Flip may have been fun, but they could have compromised by adding both. Children gamble enough with Gacha games, with real money, as it is. In-game currency is not that big of a deal and you can not even gamble until you're an adult anyway.

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