Game of Thrones 5×08 – The Massacre at Hardhome Ending


  1. Back when we thought Night King would at least be Thanos, if not Sauron.

  2. The giant reminds me of myself as a little girl stomping on snails in my garden after a rain.

  3. This scene is fucking horrible to watch for all the right reason. The most scariest scene of game of thrones for me. The way the white walker were like in this 10 minute clip you couldn’t see how the living was going to beat them. And then D&D made them look like a push over and had them defeated in one episode. I didn’t have a problem with who killed the night king but the final battle should of been 2-3 episodes easy. How they crammed it all like the whole of season 8 was disgusting. You could tell they didn’t care and they just wanted to finish up so they could get on with Star Wars.

  4. What if any other wight was as tough as the one that Jon and Ghost saved Mormont from? Was that one too powerful or are these too weak?

  5. Who's your favourite Night King?
    Richard Blake as Night king:
    1) Turns Craster's baby into a White Walker
    2) Sends his army to massacre Hardhome village
    3) Obsessed with Jon Snow
    4) Raises his arms to reanimate the slaughtered wildlings while Jon Snow, Tormumd and Eddard sail away
    Vladimir Furdik as Night King:
    1) Gets tied up to a tree and stabbed by children of the forest, which turns his eyes blue
    2) Sees Bran in a vision and touches his hand
    3) Obsessed with Brandon Stark
    4) Arrives at the tree and kills the 3 eyed raven
    5) Marches south with his army including 3 undead Giants
    6) Surrounds Jon, Sandor, Tormund, Berek and Jorah on a frozen lake with his army after the capture a soldier.
    7) Sends his wights to attack them after the hound stupidly reveals a passage to them by throwing a stone.
    8) Kills Viserion
    9) Sends his wights to retrieve Viserion's corpse (which he touches and reanimates)
    10) Sends his entire army in front of the wall while he rides undead Viserion (who blasts it down)
    11) flies towards the North while his army marches behind him
    12) (off screen) sends the wights to slaughter Last Hearth and reanimate the dead, while the Walkers leave a "message" for Tormund, Edd and Berak to see
    13) Sends his wight army in the ultimate battle against Winterfell
    14) Directs his army to get past Melisandre's fire from atop Viserion
    15) Fights Rheagal and Drogon and gets kicked off Viserion
    16) Gets incinerated by Drogon (only to be resistant to heat)
    17) walks toward Winterfell all alone, only to be stalked by Jon Snow
    18) attemps to get killed by Jon Snow only to lift his arms and raise new Wights including undead Dothraki, Lyanna Mormont, Eddison Tollett and ancient corpses in the catacombs
    19) finally arrives to his main obsession Brandon Stark
    20) Attempts to get speared by Theon Greyjoy only to break the spear and stab the latter instead
    21) about to kill Bran the same way he killed the 3 eyed raven only to get stabbed by Arya Stark with a Dragonglass dagger which vanquishes him and his entire armies forever.

  6. 3:28 The NK is like – "F*ck, I hope I'll never have to fight him…". Don't worry dude, the writers got you covered.

  7. 4:50 if i have to wait for those ships and see this. I would say fuck the rowing boats and i take the risk with swimming🏊‍♂️

  8. 6:19 Wait. Filming error! The bodies are already murdered and laying there when they arrive there!

  9. these white walkers would have got past winterfell and arrived at king landing

  10. Its such a fuck up because literally the second Jon kills the other, Ed ill call him Ed. The white walkers name was Ed. D&D now cut immediattly to the Night King. You as a writer have established that Jon will fight the Night King to establish his power and claim to power over the other white walkers. Cause hey "Jon killed Ed he could kill me too, look at how powerful I am. Follow me." Arya doing it, and I say this while Arya is one of my favorite characters, is an absolute monumental story telling fuck up. Its like Sam carrying the ring for the last mile god damn. Arya was just like "wtf white walkers are real?!" After Jon had been fighting them for YEARS

  11. If I was in that spot, seeing a bunch of undead children. I wouldn't froze I would start smashing in there heads and rip there lower half off by there skeletal spines and turn them into dust. Just saying.

  12. I wish the wilding girl would have lived and made it into later episodes. She was badass.

  13. The battle against the Night King was Jon Snow's to finish. What happened was an abomination.

  14. I love how we see how badass the Thens are then they get completely stomped by the white walkers. Shows how much of a threat they were ….supposed to be ..

  15. Wait if some Maesters have Valyrian steel chain links does that mean that they can just bitch slap a white and kill it?

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