Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 3 | Game Revealed (HBO)


  1. you lot need to get a grip because yes some character arcs weren't perfect but these guys brought us a beautiful 8 setons of TV and you sitting and home judging it is useless because you couldn't do half the job they did

  2. They used the mass Effect 3 Soundtrack??? Only goes to show how Awesome that Game and especially the Soundtrack was.

  3. The only reason Arya kills the night king is because the writers like her. They say it doesn’t seem right for Jon to do it. Then why the fuck does Arya? What does Arya have to do with the night king?

  4. I can't believe how similar behind the scenes look to the actual movie scenes. An insane amount of work on the details to avoid CGI.

  5. Even though we weren't satisfied with the final season we have to give it to everyone that worked on it! They did an amazing job, they went through hell to make this! The directors, the stunt actors and coordinators, the extras, the actors and everyone else behind the cameras are the ones that should get praised again and again! They ones that should get the hate are the writers! Let's not forget that they are the ones that fucked everything up, not all the other folks that worked tirelessly on this season. Although I did really hate how dark this episode was, and I'm not talking about the atmosphere. I could barely see anything happening. I kept increasing the light volume on my computer even though I had gotten to the highest point at the beginning of the episode.

  6. Bad writing aside, I have full respect for everyone involved with this episode. Because like actually thinking about it 55 straight nights. Jesus christ

  7. Could not more disgusted by how all of these people were used and discarded by the writers. All of that effort, talent and passion thrown in the trash.

  8. Even now I don't understandwhy such a glorious and brave Horde of Dothraki was given a crap ending, they should be given a heroic ending. And that bastard Bran, arguably the most useless character in entire season was warging into ravens instead of dragons. These two fucking things raise my temper.

  9. I swear if I see one more comment about how this episode was too dark…talk about a first world problem. Get over it u fucks turn ur lights off

  10. Clint Mansell’s “Leaving Earth” track was bloody perfect for the ending 😩😩😩

  11. It really sucks because the amount of work the behind the scene cast and employees did to create this for us only to receive some crazy backlash. Come to think I feel like most people are only mad at the writers

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