Gangstar Vegas : Banned?!?!? – No More Gangstar? – Explained

This is not a video on how to get unbanned, I uploaded this video to show to Gameloft and my viewers I got banned unfairly. So if you clicked this video to see how to get unbanned I’m terribly sorry.

No more Gangstar Vegas videos from me.

Sorry if you came to my channel to watch Gangstar Vegas, there are other Channels that upload Gangstar Vegas you could go watch theirs here are some

Yes Droid! –

Cyanex –

ThunderBamBam –

For Gangstar info –


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  1. To unbanned your self you need to go on settings and go on apps and tap gangster Vegas and clear data

  2. Same with me but I did try to get them to proof my innocence still working on it anyway

  3. It’s been about 200 days sense I got banned I swear it’s been so long and I f*cken hate it

  4. Dude you have the same problem as me? So this morning i woke up and i was like am i banned? So yeah thanks for the vid

  5. I added infinite gem and coin played for 3 days got banned uninstalled after 6 month installed got my ac back with all back still working fine

  6. I am banned But I only cheat my coins and I only cheated because I was bored but I do not cheat on gangs only cheat for single player because I finished everything

  7. I modded the game with my wifi on and it is still working 😀 it has anti-ban and unlimited coins.

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