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Zuma Deluxe free for online. The ball is an ideal figure, like magic is enclosed in its round sides … A person from primitive times likes to play games with different balls. Sports games with balls are the same balls! Start playing Zuma Deluxe free for online
More ZUma Deluxe games on website.


And how many balls appeared in computer games – it’s just impossible to count! Our site has collected the most vivid, colorful, interesting Zuma Deluxe games and invites you to play for free online. This is the old good “Zuma Deluxe “, and novelties in the gaming industry.


Balls in the form of jewelry; in the form of sweets and fruits; in the form of bubbles and space mines … Games Spanish, Chinese, Japanese … There is even a “Golden Squirrel” from Pushkin’s fairy tale! Choose, run in a new window – and play.

Did you get bored of this lupo-eyed positive amphibian? Then let’s play! And to everyone who is not familiar with Zuma Deluxe – let me introduce it! Funny, funny, nimble, inimitable toad, spitting with colored balls.

She does it as accurately as your reaction speed is good. Because the balls from the mouth of the frog need to fall into the same in color balls in the chain running along the field. Arrange three and more identical balls in a row – they will be removed from the field, a gap will form in the chain. The “head” of the chain will stop, waiting for the “tail”. You will have time to aim and shoot again or two.

The goal of the game is to prevent the chain from sliding into the hole at the end of the winding path. For every shot down, there are 10 points, and the more you knock at a time – the more you get. In the game “Zuma Deluxe ” there are bonus balls: sighting, return, explosive, repainting or slowing down. Knock them out with others – use it for your own pleasure!

The game is multilevel, very colorful, with different trajectory tracks and with the ever increasing speed of the movement of balls. Funny music will not let you be bored! And Zuma Deluxe will give you many pleasant minutes and surprises if you make friends with her.

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