GOG Galaxy 2.0 Could Be the Only PC Client You'll Need


  1. I'm dead tired of these launchers on PC; consoles only have one platform and PCS have multiple launchers like shit. i wish steam was the only one here lmao

  2. The main reason for the other store front is the 30% cut, if they still get that cut but on other store fronts, I doubt most will care what store front the games are on.

    What I think Gog could do to make things even more enticing is in Gog Galaxy where you have the Gog store near the bottom left, they could have access to all the other store fronts you've signed in so you can see and buy games from any of them, the benefits of that for consumers are two fold, one you have easy access to all the store fronts and games where you can buy from any and two, there would likely be a lot less resistance from the other store fronts if all the stores are getting exposure, they might even allow where you can install and launch games without even having the other store front installed, in the end, they mostly only care about the 30% cut and the store exposures, if they did the above, they still get both of them.

  3. I have most 80s games from yard sales and purchased most only work on old pc's this gog has the go around to get these old unique games to work right even better.

  4. epic is a disgusting platform and gog is the answer to pc!ban epic!

  5. Never knew about GoG. I'm going to buy games from them from now On.

  6. i rather have over 9000 pc stores like gog than few pc stores like steam epic yms

  7. There are origin, gog, steam, blizzard, epic games, xbox and what is that last help me!

  8. Ohhhh I so hate the fact, that for the longest time I didn't know that GOG was CD Project's storefront. I now use GOG first before I check on steam.

  9. Well it seems the Steam has just forced many of us too this service!!! Please make it a nice streamlined service….

  10. I bought some old school Star Wars games from their platform.
    Because they deserve the support

    And Cyberpunk 2077 is on standby because I want to wait until the game is out

  11. If GOG came up with their version of the Steam Workshop to make modding games easier it would dominate without question.

  12. i saw that with cyberpunk 2077 on pc, you’d only be able to get mods if u have the copy from steam, using gog would make it harder to get mods, is this true?

  13. I might check it out but I still prefer steam. But can you play Ps1,2 games ?

  14. 8 seconds into the video and ive already heard more respect for gamers and consumers than ive ever heard in years of comments from most other companies. This is why CD/GoG are going to win the gaming market.

  15. Is it actually possible to integrate a CD or DVD collection into the client? So a way to add games that are neither currently installed, nor have been purchased digitally on any platform. I still have a lot of games on CD or DVD and would like to accommodate them properly in such a library.

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