GoT Rewind: Ygritte


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  2. Ygritte actress will be perfect as Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn live action.

  3. That’s why you don’t bring your kids to work…stupid little prick killed such a stunning gingey

  4. When I'm done watching this video I'm gonna serve myself up a nice juicy slice of ginger minge.

  5. The spirit of love in the dying soul speaks "you no nothing Jon"! Her mission accomplished with pain! Love grieved!

  6. I liked Ygritte very much. If she lived, she could've seen Jon Snow come back from the dead, killed Boltons at the battle of the bastards and see a dragon up close.

  7. Heartbreaking to watch Ygritte when Jon's betrayes her.she truly loved him and tried every possible way to turn him in wildlings.but he values duties than love. He definately deserves to be left alone and far from women 😒

  8. ఆమె కలఇక నాకెంతో నచినది కానీఆమె మరణం తట్టుకోలేక పోయాను

  9. I love Ygritte. She was so good for Jon.

  10. Ygriitte was the best, I see no chemistry that's fun to watch with Daenerys and Jon. They're boring

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