Half-Life: Full Game Walkthrough

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  1. Good Morning, and welcome to the Black-Mesa Transit system. This automated train is provided for the safety and convenie-venie-venie-venie-venie-venie-venie-venie-venie-venie-venie-venie-venie-venie-venie-venie

  2. can anyone please help me i am stucked at the starting scene i cant get out of the train pleaseeeeeeeeee
    that security guard dont come to me

  3. I got an idea for a Half-Life game. It could go up on Steam if someone actually worked on it ;D

    Half-Life: Reject Employment

    At the very end of Half-Life 1 and Black Mesa, I'm sure 99% of the players choose to work for GMan. I could be wrong, but its what I did, and its what most of my friends did. But, GMan does claim you could reject it, yet he'll give you an anti-climax. A battle you have " 6:46:06 ".

    If you reject the job, you will be teleported to this platform with a bunch of macho alien soldiers, and soon, shot at by them. Usually, this would be the end. But Gordon barely dodges all the ammo being shot at you, going behind a platform that's actually right behind you in the alternative ending. After ducking down beneath the small rock platform, you go under the area where the soldiers are shooting at you, and underneath is a portal. You enter the portal, and you're back in Black Mesa. You don't recognize this area, in fact, at all. In all your employment at Black Mesa, you can't seem to recognize this one area. You have no weapon, no clue of where you're at or how to get out, and the area seems empty. You're just mainly confused. You roam around for a little bit, but there's nothing you've found, under then a blade you encountered, which replaces your crowbar, some zombies, and that's it. It isn't until sooner when you come across a door. Opening it, you find a bunch of vortigaunts, trying to work with human science on getting the heck out of Black Mesa as well. They haven't really learned anything with human science, other than some, just some, maybe a percentage like 0.001% of English. Still, with it, they can communicate with Freeman, and they are now pals and even see him as a God because he let them go of the mysterious Nihilanth. You work with the vortigaunts a bit, specifically working with Galakin, the head of the team currently stuck in Black Mesa. With Galakin, you go out to find some supplies across the now abandoned facility. All of the suit powerups have been shutdown and so has the health, meaning the only way you can find health is from the vortigaunt magic, and the only way you can get suit powerups is by finding guard vests from fallen security. (It's a touch from Blue Shift. I think it's an underrated DLC to the OG Half-Life). After working with Galakin a bit longer, he stops while youre in a small hallway and starts speaking to you about something. He says, with somehow perfect English "The Freeman has no clue of this, but he must know. There are many portals coming in from Xen, and from other dimensions. All creatures coming from Xen are allies, but not of the other. You must shut down all portals, or else Black Mesa will soon be entirely raided, and so will this planet you call "Arth"." You are now aware that Earth can be destroyed in a matter of hours, so you spend no more fooling around. You soon come across a system that can power up many dimensions and portals to other worlds. You end up going inside of the system, filled with numbers and codes in an order to shut down many of the portals. Along with it, you come across many disgusting things inside of the system. They are viruses. After shutting down the system, Galakin teleports you out of it, claiming maybe 10% of all portals to Earth have now be shut down. With the viruses, though, you come across lots of new different creatures, many of which are evil enemies. You come across 3 new weapons used by the virus-created creatures. The Xaller, a pistol-shaped power gun, The Titanic Dimensional Bomb, a grenade-like item that disintegrates anything around it, and, the very iconic… Gravity Gun. Yes, the Gravity Gun came from viruses, and now, getting items from high areas and attacking enemies are a lot easier. Soon, you make it to a large facility door, this door can take you out of Black Mesa and back into the New Mexico desert. After Galakin screeches for a minute or two, more Vortigaunts come, and they soon shoot down the door. Now out, you see many soldiers, human, fleeing and trying to get their away out of the facility. You shoot down many, clearing up basically all of the remaining soldiers that were called out to raid Black Mesa. You also go through a vent that takes you back into Black Mesa. That fresh air was nice, but you can't have it for long. You still need to destroy most of the portals. Now you, Galakin, and the other Vortigaunts are back into the facility and found more machines. Repeat, you go back into the system, clear out viruses, and shut down the areas of possible portals before Galakin takes you back out. Galakin claims you have destroyed most of the systems, and now claims there is only one more system, but the thing is… the system is in Xen. Galakin tries long and hard to open up portals to Xen, and claims he will need many human items to get into the world. After this, Black Mesa facility becomes open world and now, you must find the items. Soon, you find out a big twist. While collecting a screwdriver, which was a needed item, you find a group of other humans. Barney, Dr. Kleiner, and Dr. Vance. They claim they've seen everything you done, and want to help out in anyway. They are also aware that Vortigaunts are now friendly. Dr. Kleiner claims he has a screwdriver, and you now have to take them back to the Vortigaunts to open up the portal. After doing so, you and Barney Calhoun, along with Galakin, enter Xen to kill the remaining population of it, and find the last portal into the systems. You soon come across your second encounter since the Anti-Climax started of Alien Soldiers. With the help of Vortigaunts and Barney, they stand no chance against you and your team. You finally, finally find the last system, and with entering in, you shut down the last system and you've now saved the entirety of humanity… well, except for you. You now are starting to close off every portal, which actually isn't great because you can be stuck in Xen, and not only that, the system was the last remaining hold up to the world, meaning Xen is now falling apart. But, with some equipment, Galakin does something you would never do. He opens up a portal with his last remaining strength he has possible in order for you and Barney to get back into Earth. With Galakin using his last possible strength, he passes away and finds peace as you re-enter Earth with Barney. You're soon teleported not to Black Mesa, but to a train in the middle of space, without Barney. The train with you is G-Man. He claims that you are a wise man, and you've just destroyed an entire population to save yours. He claims that if you were to take his offer, Earth would've been screwed, as an alien population named "The Combine", would've had portal power to enter and raid. The Combine is apparently the strongest population and species in the Universe. But after seeing what the humans could do, they're good. G-Man claims that he wanted to employ you more than anyone else on Earth, but he also claims it's obvious you don't want to be employed, therefore, he will take his business elsewhere. Once again, you are teleported, but not in Black Mesa, not in the train, not in Xen, but to the outside of a small bar in New Mexico. You enter the bar, and inside it… is all the remaining scientists. All of them. They cheer you! And Barney wonders where you went for those last minutes. But he claims he doesn't care, he's just happy to get that beer he owned you.

    JEEZ, this took me 20 minutes to write, and now I don't want to even be on this computer anymore. Please read all of this. This is a happy ending to the Half-Life series, and I also think it's a doable ending when it comes to fans. Comment me! My name is Caleb, I'm 12!

  4. how to play this game the guradian is not coming how i playing?

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