HDMI 8-bit China Chromecast Retro Game Console is Here !!

NES / Famicom Plug n Play / Mario / Donkey Kong / Pac-Man / HDMI Chrome Cast Retro Multi Home Console / Mini Classic

Where to get ?

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  1. I would like to play one of those game console even if it's a RIP off start shipping them to America so people like me can purchase it and play it

  2. You cannot add games but i found a way to replace them.. Download the .nes games you are missing, delete a game from the mini sd card that you don't like, add the game you want and rename it with the one you deleted.. next time you open the deleted game you will find that it's your replaced game.. hopes this works because it worked for me, i added dr mario for my parents

  3. Hi i got me the 64GB ULTRA 4k HD Gaming Stick (10000 Games) PS1, N64, SEGA, SNES i still havnt received it yet i am anxious to play it. Have you herd about it or play it. It is my first time. I have a pandora box 11 plus it is nice. But it only has 2706 games 😔

  4. I order this already in web its nice but theres an issue in this console it heat fast but yet you must take a rest for few minutes to cool it down. So far its very amusing. Thanks for your chanel keep it up dude.

  5. I got this last week and I say overall it's pretty good it's just that time to time it starts to slow down and it has a couple of fake and clone games

  6. Burger Time doesn't work (sad face). Works fine for the first life, then glitches out. Oh well. Bunch of other great games.

  7. I opened the box. Hooked up the power cable plugged into the tv O see a main menu..but neither remote works. Batteries are brand new. Why do some things say you need to download the games 1st… Some are saying just plug and play. Any suggestions?

  8. – Can you add more games on the SD card?

    – IS the factory SD card is containing the onboard os, or its just empty and/or just containing the built in games?

    – Can you save game in this, like game state or something? It has SD card so it might be possible perhaps some key combo…? :

    – Detail how to pair the controllers?

    – How far is the controllers transmitting range?

    – Do you need to be in visible range with the controllers or its just the proximity?(EG. With IR you need to be at visible range, with other method like radio only the range matters)

    – How long the controllers lasts?

  9. Was disappointed that there was no Double Dribble but it’s worth it for $50

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