1. Voltorb flip is easily my favorite minigame in the franchise.if I could buy a mobile version of Voltorb flip for a dollar, I absolutely would.

  2. the ones on fr/lg can be won with skill, i used slow down on an emulator to consistently get sevens, i suppose you could do this legit

  3. What happens when you are using that guys machine when he shows up? Does he get pissed. I bet he does.

  4. I always preferred Voltorb Flip to the slots. It’s a fun puzzle game, like a combination of Sudoku and Minesweeper. It’s not as mindless as just mashing buttons until you get a match

    Edit: Something not mentioned about Voltorb Flip is that the level you drop to when you lose is based entirely on how many multiplier cards (1, 2 or 3 cards) you flip over. For example, if you lose at level 5 with only 3 cards flipped, you will drop to level 3. If you immediately flip over a Voltorb, you drop all the way back to level 1

  5. you didn't win all the prizes, in gen 4 if you get a clefairy to stay for over 10 bonus rounds you get a TM

  6. "The games pre-plans your rolls before you spin the real."

    That's false, as I kid I specifically got REALLY good at eyeing the bars, and you can 100% get good enough to get 777s every time.
    In order to stop you from timing your button presses properly, the first two bars have 2 repeating sets of every symbol, meaning 2 chances at getting 7s, BUT, the last bar has only one 7.
    To top it off, there's a mechanic where the game will take notice of the fact that you really know what you're doing, and if you manage to get really close to getting 777s consistently, it will not stick, and will shoot off and give you a random symbol instead, preventing you from getting the 777.

  7. Pokedollars are actually based on the Japanese yen so 1 pokedollar is about 1 cent

  8. I've only just realised that EVERY Generation between I-IV featured a version of the Celadon Game Corner.

  9. Well, I don't know if this will ever be seen, but Fire Red and Leafy Green slots are actually just timing. The First reel is kinda random but 7 repeats and it's the most common result. The second reel can be timed but honestly its faster to just get lucky since it has a lot of 7s on it still. The last reel only has one 7 on it, and it can be timed to guarantee you'll get tripple 7.

    I used this trick to easily clean out the casino of all pokemon and TM's. Saves a lot of time. I was using Fire Red for my play throughs, an old cartridge on the GBA

  10. Pretty sure with Voltorb Flip, what level you get bumped down to on a loss has to do with however many cards you managed to flip before the Voltorb. If you've flipped equal to or more than the level you're on, you don't go down in levels.

  11. I remember I was playing most likely Fire Red and was gambling in the game corner. I ended up max out the coin box two or three times. However, I was random gambling, meaning I didn't plan and only spam my A button. XD


  13. Voltorb flips great also cause there's a website that tells you which ones to flip. Fine yes its cheating.

  14. I'm asking you which fossil you picked because comments are good for the YouTube algorithm.

  15. FRLG game corner in my experience, seems to randomize it's lucky machines every time you enter the building and every time you spin a certain, seemingly random number of times. You can find a lucky machine and then have it go cold on you. The lucky machines are really good though. I usually try a machine about 3 times, and if I don't win anything I move on. If I do, I play it until I lose 3 times in a row, or 5 times in a row if the machine has already produced a jackpot. Doing this can reliably net you coins relatively quickly, and you can reliably buy Porygon using more real world time (about ten hours) and less in game money, so it's wherever your priorities lie

  16. john sent me. i asked the pokemon if he was more of a day guy or more of a night guy, he said……imanight

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