How I CARRY HIGH ELO with AURELION SOL | Challenger Aurelion Sol – League of Legends


  1. For any players who want to try Aurelion the best Asol players currently take
    Electrocute , taste of blood, eyeball, relentless hunter
    secondary runes can be manaflow/absolute focus or POM / tenacity
    I also sometimes like taking phase rush versus high slow teams to escape ganks (examples: nunu, zilean, ashe)

  2. Syndra is annoying to play against but it's a Zoe main complaining while zeo can kill someone without hitting any skillshot. But tbh it's not an argument that Syndra ain't strong tho 3 maigor needs in a row made here pretty uf. Tbh I am okay with E CD increase because that was needed so much but making Q do a lot less damage is eh. They will probably buff her Q after worlds.

  3. My least favorite matchups with asol and syndra and Leblanc.

  4. IDK for me Asol was the first champ I bought and I just got stuck with him, he's in my opinion great in every lane(even jungle for more experienced player)just a few hours ago I played Asol as support and i must say I did great (13/2/19)

  5. Este wey no sabe qué hacen los wards jaja, pero igual buen vídeo

  6. just wondering why you took rylais second instead of rod. is it cause you were ahead and just wanted damage or is it just better

  7. This was posted a month ago and you’re probably not gonna see it, but can I ask what items are core for Aurelion Sol? I always thought ROA was the way to go but it wasn’t the case with this game you played. I’ve been going ROA – Rylai’s – whatever defensive items/liandry’s afterwards. I see people build rabadon’s and I see people advise not to build rabadon’s. Now I’m really confused what’s optimal for him :/

  8. I think Asol is a great way to escape low elo if you one trick him

  9. Ik this is late but for the people watching now… I think Asol is sub-par rn only if you can play him well to I think that something needs to be buffed so that practicing is more rewarded also personally I prefer when his w was a toggle but the movement speed in exchange is great for short ingages and getting out of ganks alive. I think asol is a little underpowered and even if you get fed you can still struggle because your dmg is just a little lower than it needs I get hes very heavy scaling but still lux per say… is alot easier and her setups are easy and effective and her ultimate is so much stronger so I think it could use a 10%/20% ap scaling buff (that would make it an 80%/90% ratio) I mean come on lux has a 100% give a little more love 2 my boi…

    Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk

  10. Yo @pekin, how did you shoot your Q behind you at 20:00? Definitely feel like that would help me escape as A Sol more.

  11. Pantheons like the one here remind me that even though it’s high elo, the same goofballs play this game.

  12. Snow day Zoe would be pretty sick, she'd be throwin snowballs and her bubble could be some magical ice, with her ult being a little snow hole she digs.

  13. I'd still like to see a Vayne Helsing skin. It works with the champion lore, Halloween theme, and could even use a chroma to fit with fans of the anime.

  14. @pekinwoof Hi pekin, may I ask you, do you take aurelion sol on just the feeling of playing it or you see a great opportunitty(ies) of Aurelion Sol in certains match up? Thank you!

  15. whats with the build? I typically take ROA, rylais then morrellos but why do you take the build in this video? should I take it always?

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