How Slow Sync Flash works on iPhone 8 & X


  1. wish there was a way to disable it and have a normal flash for when you cant tell a subject to stop moving

  2. I was scared because the last week i bought an iphone 8 and i took a photo with flash and i thought it was broken, i had an iphone 6 and the flash is more bright.

  3. This fast talking without pauses trend, has to stop.
    If I’m supposed to learn from your so called educational videos,
    then please give my brain time to take in your information.
    This is done by making sure that the information you are trying to deliver,
    has pauses between your sentences.
    Just because kids now a days don’t have the time to wait, doesn’t mean that giving them what they want will fix the problem,
    all it does is make it worse, by everyone giving into their additions, you don’t save an addict,
    by giving them more of the stuff that they are addicted to.
    So please help the world help itself.

  4. Sorry but i don't understand how slow sync steps to do it ? Is it automatically will do this feature when pressing the button or have to hold pressing it or what?!

  5. did anyone notice they get terrible redeye on the iphone x? any solutions to that?

  6. This is a very well explained, pleasing to watch and aptly detailed-without going overboard video.

  7. WOAH! finally a great video that explain it! thank you! this is amazing for Apple to implement this! 2:27 is a perfect example on how this is truly amazing in a phone that fits in your pocket!

  8. iPhones don’t have mechanical curtains, so I assume Apple could have programmed the firmware of how the flash and electronic shutters timing to include Slow-sync flash to all pre-iPhone 8 models. Is that correct? I don’t get why Slow Sync is not implemented to mobile phone cameras since ever as it is such a common function on regular camera (my old Fuji digicams circa 201x could do it).

  9. very curious to see iPhone 8 shots with and without flash, a guide of when to use flash.

  10. omg I do learn something from this video…
    Why I always got badly exposure photo with flash on my SLR

  11. Very cool explanation! I’m surprised how much I’m enjoying my iPhone 8 Plus even over my 7 Plus.

  12. Okay, we know the iPhone CAN do it, but is it something you can adjust, and if not – what "curtain" does it use?

  13. Cool, learned a great deal here. Thanks!

  14. Comes in handy to have YouTube’s best camera YouTuber on your channel when making camera related videos 😉

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