How to Backup iPhone on iTunes! [2020]

Learn how to backup iPhone on iTunes in this short and quick tutorial! Every iPhone beginner must know how to backup iPhone on iTunes PROPERLY. In this video, I talk about everything in detail about how to take iPhone backup on computer. You could take unencrypted iTunes backup on your PC but that would be unsecured and any third party app or software can get access to your iPhone backup data. So, it is recommended to encrypt your iPhone backup on iTunes to keep it secure. But remember guys, if you ever forget your iPhone backup encryption password, you can’t restore your data from this backup. If you’re on Mac and using keychain feature, you could recover your lost iPhone backup encryption password, but that is very rare. So, better way is to write iTunes backup password on a paper and keep it safe.

So now go ahead, watch this tutorial and learn how to backup iPhone on iTunes. If this video really helps, do share it with your friends and loved ones!

➤ How to backup iPhone on iTunes on Windows 10 Computer?

0:09 ⏳ STEP 1: Firstly, connect your iPhone to your Computer using Lightning connector. That is the USB cable we use for charging iPhone.

0:26 ⏳ STEP 2: Now, select iPhone icon in iTunes and under Backup section, select ‘This Computer’ option.

0:38 ⏳ STEP 3: Now, to make sure you backup everything on iTunes, you want to select Encrypt Local Backup option.

0:57 ⏳ STEP 4: Now, create a strong password to encrypt your iPhone backup on iTunes. Please write this iPhone backup encryption password somewhere down and keep it safe.

1:15 ⏳STEP 5: Now, you can hit Set Password button and iTunes will start backing up your iPhone immediately.

1:32 ⏳ STEP 6: And now Next time when you connect your iPhone to iTunes, you just want to hit Back Up Now button to start backing up your iPhone on iTunes.

2:40 ⏳STEP 7: That’s all! That’s how you can backup iPhone on iTunes.

➤ What is the iPhone backup location on Computer?

👉🏼 On Windows 10 Computers, the location of iTunes Backup is;
“C:UsersUser Name of PCAppleMobileSyncBackup”

👉🏼 On older versions of Windows, the location of iTunes Backup is;
“C:UsersUser Name of PCAppDataRoamingApple ComputerMobileSyncBackup”.

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  1. when i connect my phone and go to iTunes it says theres an error

  2. hello, i've just successfully backupped my phone on my computer, thank you! I have a couple of questions so i was wondering if anyone could help me out:
    1) does this also back up whatsapp chats or was i supposed to do a separate back up inside the whatsapp app beforehand?
    2) does this also back up contacts?
    3) is there any way i can use this itunes back up and move the data onto a samsung phone?

  3. THANK YOU for the video! It was precise and straight to the point. However, I can't seem to find the backup on my computer using the "C:UsersUser Name of PCAppleMobileSyncBackup" path despite following ALL the steps you listed in the video. Does this mean that my files were not backed up? I'm confused because I can see my iPhone backup when i go to Edit>Preferences on the iTunes app on my PC.

    Also, does this method backup EVERYTHING (photos, videos, messages, settings etc) on my iPhone to my PC such that when I wipe my iPhone/get a new iPhone & connect it to my PC and hit "restore backup" I get my old files back?

  4. Thank you so much . I successfully backed up my Iphone as instructed here. Now, how to view the backups files is tricking me . Thank you

  5. I want to store photos and videos off my phone so I can wipe my phone clean and start again. Is this what backing up iPhone is for ?

  6. First of all thanks for the great explanation!
    Now if I backed up my iPhone as shown is there any way to see the photos and everything? Let’s say on a new iPhone 😅

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