Look youtube. I posted this video to try and help people, not to trick people……….. It might work for some but not for others. If it works for you then I’m very happy for you like I was when it worked for me, but if it doesent work for you then im sorry!


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  1. Thats simple, stay away from Apple devices as they change their policy for these devices without offering to clients LTS. Brand loyalty???

  2. thank you so much! my iphone came in the mail locked and i didnt have the right kind of sim card and had no clue what i was doing thankyou thankyou thankyiou, i subscribed!!!

  3. funny ! video posted in 2010 and i also used att sim and IT WORKED on 3gs ios 3.1.x NICE !

  4. There is no SIM card installed in the iPhone you are attempting to activate 
    what can I do if I don't have a SIM card?

  5. i love the video.. but i need help with accessing the 3g without a itunes account if possible.. I do have an itunes account but it is not the same one that is linked to the phone.. if I access the phone with my itunes on laptop… will it erase the information from the other phone?? please help mwaaaa

  6. can i use any unactive sim card or its just gonna work with the AT&T unactive sim card?

  7. please can u help me with any solve ,i am in nigeria but any nigeria sim does not connet with i tune. is ther any other way without sim for my ipone 3g

  8. ok that would would work if that was my problem but mine is that the phone is not reading the sim

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