How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock iOS 9.3.5 | iPhone 4s (Creating CFW)

Use at your own risk it is not for illegal use. This can cause permanent damage to your phone in case you don’t do it correctly. I hope this video will help you to unlock your iPhone on iOS 9.3.5.

Download iPSW Firmware File:

Download Tools:



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  1. Great stuff liked the video and also Subscribed to your Channel. now where do I get the Root_key.txt for iOS 9.3.5 for iPad Mini 1?? Please assist here..Many thanks

  2. Everything worked out fine except the last part flashing the idevice. It gives me error in the middle of flashing which result the phone being stucked to recovery mode. I think i need to use itunes for the flashing but i don't get to choose my file when i click on 'restore iphone'. It starts downloading

  3. brother …. good DAY my brother….. i downloaded all run and initiate steps the same as you …..YES successful but when i flashing mmy 4s 9.3.5. …. there is an error ….."iphone could not be restored an unknown error occurred 14" and i used the patched-product-ios-9.3.5 to other app which is 3Utools….. it flashes and successully done …. and when i reboot the iphone 4s …. n othing hAPPEN STILL ON ACTIVATION LOCK

  4. Make a video for ipad 3 wifi only ios 9.3.5 please since theres no one who did it on youtube thanks bro

  5. Can you try do the same tutorial but for iPad 2, remember I said try, not do

  6. Can you please make a video on bypassing ICloud Lock on ios 9.3.5 – ipod touch 5th gen?

  7. When starting decryption pop up page stays blank??? And when opening with transmac….(could not open file)

  8. Hello, I did everything as you wrote in the video with firmware error 14 at 40 percent help please

  9. When i tried to use the Custom CFW iTunes bring error 14, i tried on 3uTools, but it's the same error. How i can use the Custom CFW without any error?

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