How to download 3ds games from these 4 sites

Additional Sites:

Choose a TimeStamp of the site you want to know about or download from: 2:35 12:20 21:04 28:12

When it comes to downloading games in particular from any website, make sure that they are not .exe files


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  1. Hello i have downloaded the rar for Zelda ocarina of time 3d but when i click on it it says “windows cannot access the specific device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item. I have the password but there is know where to enter it. Please can you help.

  2. I would recommend an extension called universal bypass it can skip Adfly links and all other links like that

  3. i hate this fricking ads there everywere and not under 18

  4. bruh how can i upload 3ds games if my madloader and ziperto only gives me ads

  5. i don't want to be a bother but do you know where i can get persona q? i looked everywhere but i couldn't find a rom for one, they were all .exe files and that's it. Thanks

  6. So the game I'm trying to downloading is very big which requires two separate downloads for one game. Is this normal for big games on ziperto?

  7. in downloadtorrentgames i download a poyu poyu tetris switch, then after i extract the file, i saw puyo poyu tetris.iso

  8. Man I would say use mega. Always. Google stays playing games saying they’ve “exceed there limit” tf outta here

  9. Yo dude just wanna say thanks for the tutorial! Been wanting to play a 3ds game for years

  10. is there any way i can load save files that i downloaded from the internet

  11. ช่วยส่งไฟล์เกมส์ pes13 3ds cia มาให้ผมทีครับรบกวนที

  12. this intro is classic for any emulation vet
    $= game with no ads
    Ads= game with no $

    I just passed someone's econ course for em XD

  13. I'm looking for smilebasic but can't find it, can someone give me the link?

  14. Hello could you give me the link to sonic lost world (3ds) pls
    I'll tell you later if also of Generations but for now only Lost World

  15. little tip : wou can press "ctrl + w" to close the curent chrome page

  16. Soo i downloaded it from mega because google did not let me download from Drive and i got .Rar file and i dont know how to open it because it asked me with whot to open it with. Help?

  17. Hi have you got any sites to download 3ds games so I can put into sky 3ds cards to play ?…

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