How to download and install C&C Red Alert 2 full


  1. ***FATAL*** string Manager Failed to initilaized properly. 😔😔

    Pls help!

  2. i cant see anything? i hear the sound of the game and i can click on buttons which i cant see and it executes whatever button i click on, but i cant see anything, the entire screen is black?

  3. lol works without install thx for bringing back old times/easy +200 mb download easy extract then lunch as administor <3

  4. Thank you very much…i search 2 days the offred me in 2 minute.thank you again you😘❤️

  5. my screen is black when i lunched the game but the sounds are there. what can I do to fix the black screen?

  6. works great thank you (: but there isnt any voices or cutscenes. like when the alied campaign starts there is a demale voice that says something but for me it doesnt. could you help plz?

  7. I followed all the steps but when I launched it, a black screen was displayed though the music of the game is up and running……how to fix it please

  8. installation done..then when try to run this game its says ***FATAL***String manager failed to initialize properly ……whats the problem and how to fix it?

  9. This is great the only problem is my game keeps freezing to the point where i have to close it

  10. Windows cannot find unpack exe make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again

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