How to download and install Harry potter deathly hallows part 2 Pc(Voice)

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  1. If there is any problem in copying PAUL.DLL, then u must be seeing a prompt of virus and threats… on that notiffication and go to ur antivirus software and right click on the option named as paul.dll and select allow permission on this device. Your file will be successfully copied….now enjoy the game.(most likely for devices having antivirus or for windows 10)

  2. Uhmm the cutscene was k in the first but then when the game started it started lagging pls help (I know u posted this 3 years ago u won’t even check your comments but pls if u see pls help)

  3. But i did not get any file at skidraw .That folder is showing empty!!! I downloaded it throw zip file.What should I do???

  4. Hi guys, can someone help me? I downloaded everything right but none of the keys are going. I will thank you if you can help me

  5. when I downloaded the torrent and it only comes out with a folder that has skidrow.nfo and sr-hp8.iso and nothing else. why is this happening?

  6. Sorry but can you really download the games or are there viruses or malware?

  7. does it work On Windows 10? because Harry Potter 6 doesnt work On w10 with any compatibility mode 🙁 i just want to know before downloading

  8. Thank you so much I wanted this game for years I'm subbing idk if u are still alive but thanks a lot looking forward to more content like this

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