How To Download Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge Full Version For Free PC(Works For Windows 10)


  1. "Black screen with sound "
    Step 1 : set your compability to windows 98
    Step 2:check your OS if that is 64 bit if yes do the step 3.
    Step 3 : download (ra2 windows 10

    Same process open rar then copy and paste to the file location

  2. GUYS i have a problem when i start the game its black screen ! … i can't do nothing i can hear the music and i can hear when i press somehing but it's balck !

  3. Some of your games is a little bit scary like the l4d2 but its legit but it looks like its doing something or what 😆😆😆😮😢😢😥😥😨😨😨😱🥱😱😱😅😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣

  4. Grizzly: Where is our commander? Did he caught by Yuri?
    Rhino: NO.
    Grizzly: Did he grow up?
    Rhino: NO.
    Grizzly: Did he update his system to Windows 10?
    Rhino: NO.
    Grizzly: Then what happened to him.
    Rhino: The patch our commander just downloaded which is help for running Red Alert on Windows 10, was blocked by 360 Safeguard.

  5. It's the Year 2020 my device has upgraded security systems once I downloaded the following then Zap a Virus was detected and destroyed, (recommended) not to download this again. Good effort there is no way I can play my oldest faved game ever not all sites gives your free games more like Free Viruses.

  6. sir how to fix screen resolution i download and put everything according to your instruction but still not full screen

  7. Good day sir. I'n having a problem with 8:00 when we have to click the full control. It is already in full control however. When I tried, opening the CnCGraphicsPatch. It's still giving me an error access path denied upon applying the patch. Please help. Thank you!

  8. (**FATAL** String manager failed to initialize properly) this what i facing after finishing all steps.

  9. mine it works but when the game is running and im playing it.,.the game will stock up and characters wont move.,.and i need to restart my computer to just quit the game.plss help me.,.thank you in advance.

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