how to find itunes backup files location on windows 10

hey everyone today im going to show you all how to locate itunes library on windows 10

These’s steps are easy to follow and you will be good to go

Benifits of knowing about your backup files location of itunes

Free some space on your computer

Your computer will run faster

You can manage you backup storage

If you want to view those file then here’s the like


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  1. there is no MobileSnc folder in that position. My backup is running and i can see it's eating space on my hard disk but I don't know where it's going. I fucking hate iTunes. Thank you for the tutorial.

  2. What do i do if I want to restore this backup on an iPhone? Pls tell me

  3. "AppData Access Denied", whats the next??How to access it or get permission to open??

  4. Beware: The back up files DO NOT INCLUDE all of your music files on your computer!!!

  5. It didn't work out for me
    Please help, I backed up my Xr and followed the procedure shown in your video , still can't open the files

  6. EXCELLENT video unfortunate I cant see audios like from voice recorder files.

  7. i have a question i got my backup file of my iphone can i just simply drag that backup fil and drag it to my andriod phone?
    please need help

  8. but how can i view the files, they are all showing me as a same format, like if its a picture i want to see it as a picture there in the backup folder

  9. You didn't click the Back up?
    So we can check if there's already a back up file?

  10. SSSSuperb !!!
    Really meaningful videos I got it, even I 've seen so many videos related but this one is resolution of my Issue.
    Great one _ Thanks Dear

  11. hey great tutorial, i was trying to find my photos though. any idea on how to do that?

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