How To Install .CIA Games On 3DS/New 3DS, 2DS/New 2DS XL

Use another search engine than Google. You probably have noticed, that if you type “xxxxx.cia” many sites weren’t listed on Google. That’s because of some DMCA complaints. Now we need a search engine which doesn’t give a shit about DMCA complaints (or doesn’t get that much of them) and maybe a search engine which gives a shit about privacy, a search engine that combines both is

This information was quoted from this page on reddit where some of these links came from:

Alternative sites, more on the way:

This is a brazilian blogspot so you’ll need a browser like Google Chrome to translate the page

How to download 3ds games from these 4 sites:


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  1. For those of you who are using a New 3DS and dont have a micro SD Card reader. This is how you can do it
    Get a phone that has a Micro SD card slot (most phones have them these days)
    Get a USB cable to connect between youre computer and phone
    Insert the SD card from the 3DS to the phone
    Connect the phone to the computer
    You will need to select transfer files or it automatically does it for you (depending on phone)
    Done! i hope i helped some of you

  2. Hey so I have a question, can you download as many games as you want like this or only as many games as will fit in your SD card

  3. For me after i install and delete it doesn't go to the home menu, but it does go into the titles section on fbi but it doesn't launch

  4. Im hoping someone will see this
    In the video at 4:57 it shows some files and on my cia folder it doesnt have any of those files. If anyone is able can u help me how to put those files on my cia folder pls?

  5. i have a rar game that doesnt give me the option to install and delete? is the process different?

  6. I bought a used New 3DS XL almost brand new condition but it already had FBI installed, I needed a video this clear to explain something this simple, thanks man.

  7. Hey guys, quick question, do I need cfw and is the fbi already installed or do I have to install it

  8. Man my laptop is slow as shit I thought this was gonna be like pkg on the vita. This is horrible 😞😞 the waiting I mean

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