How to install iOS 6 on an iPhone 5 in 2020! Worth it? (Tethered! & Mac required)

In this video I’m talking about the advantages and disadvantages of installing iOS 6 on an iPhone 5 and will show how to install it.
This video should just give you an overview, if you want to use the shown programms and procedures you’re doing it at your own risk.

🔥 N1ghtshade (in his description, because if the link changes, he would rather remember changing it than me)

🔥 IPSW files
.ipsw (iPhone 5 Global):
.ipsw (iPhone 5 GSM):
❓ You can check out your model with 3u tools or take a look for which one iTunes downloads the file when you click on “restore iPhone”


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  1. It is absolutely incredible! You managed to do a clear and strait on tutorial that lasts less than 5minutes.
    It doesn’t even go on my nerves! No! It’s intertwining! This might be unique on the internet. No seriously! Thanks mate!👌🏼

  2. Bro need your help please) After downgrade to iOS 8, I want downgrade to iOS 6 , I did it, all ok but when I turn off my phone ,and after that it does not turn on….what a problem ??

  3. hello, how long does it take till your press the boot button to get the old apple logo?… My screen is black and it's written grooming heap on n1ghtshade… thanx !

  4. I have ‘’ device not compatible’’ all the time :/ do you have any idea why. iPhone 5 ( no jailbroken)

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