HOW TO: Jailbreak you iphone! IOS 8.3 +Cute and Kawaii theme

you can ask me questions that haven’t been answered in the video.
here’s the link to jailbreak you iphone with windows computer

Here’s the link to jailbreak your iphone with MAC (Apple) computer

hope i answered alot of your questions from my previous iphone vidoe, talk to you guys soon! happy jailbreaking, bye!


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  1. Lol, I thought this was a video basically you copying what they were doing lol

  2. It’s weird but in my phone (I have an iPhone 8) i went to find the version on my phone and it wasn’t there like there was a gap and that was were the version was meant to be

    Never mind mine just says software version so I didn’t see it 😅

  3. If you have a warranty on your phone does jail breaking mess that up?

  4. Do you have to do this every time your phone updates??

  5. Hello, does the jailbreak is dangerous for our iphone ? Does it cause lags ?

  6. Do you have to jailbreak it to get the kawaii theme? And also does this work on iPad minis???<3 thanks!

  7. ive had a samsung for a really long time and i customize the shit out of it. i was considering getting an iphone and jailbreaking it but ive come to love my personalisation apps so much that im afraid i wont find things just as good

  8. Did something go wrong for me? I installed the theme and set it up but only one of my apps has the theme look, newstand, all the rest are normal, is something wrong? I really love this theme and I want to have it, please help ;c

  9. Awesome but can u change the KAWAII stuff back to normal or is it stuck like that when u do it?

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