How to Mirror iPhone to PC EASY


  1. it works for the first time but second time it says device preparation failed lol virus stuff ? please help ?

  2. I already downloaded and i buy Vip for 1 year 3 hour ago my account doesn’t meet vip accounts orr any refunds…

  3. Its a good app but still u need a VIP acc for $10/year, free acc will get 15mins of mirroring only and then recon again.

  4. Hi, I have already purchase the 1 month subscription but it is not working, my Iphone 6s Plus is shown connected but does not show the mirroring in my laptop, my laptop is Helios 300 rtx 2020.. can anyone help me to this case?

  5. man i downloaded this and tried it, and i can tell my laptop hasnt been the same since then, i got a virus and im still trying to fix it, cant make a full scan from viruses, cant update my windows… i hope u dont delete this comment but do something about other people before they fall for it

  6. I’m assuming that he’s getting paid for promoting this program as the url in the description to download the program is a bitly link to track people who click on the link. Also, the full url to the website it ends up sending you to has extra junk in the end of it so the people who made the program can identify where the people who download the program are coming from. This is so they know who to pay for promoting the program since it’s giving them potential subscribers to make money off of since the program isn’t actually free.

  7. Hey Love From Nepal. Can you please make a video to run apk file apps on iphone for testing

  8. Isnt working for me, i have windows 10 and ios 13.5.1, the software opens but after i plug the iphone nothing happens.

  9. It doesn’t work. It’s in Apple store. And once you go the safari I didn’t see any thing for iPhone. It’s just windows.

  10. "Plug and Play: No Need Personal Hotspot/WiFi" … they sell that as a feature lol… i need to use wifi, my pc does not have a usb c port :c

  11. Great video.
    What if we want to use our iPad as a second display screen for our PC? How would we go about doing that?

  12. My favourite channel always best content and thanks for telling this software i have been searching this app for so long

  13. What are you using mac are windows please say in next video please please please please…😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  14. Does it work on windows 8 and MacBook please make a video about that please please please please please…

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