How to play Vietnamese folk game "Ô Ăn Quan" | Learn Vietnamese with TVO

A clear and detailed explanation about how to play the traditional Vietnamese folk game “Ô Ăn Quan”.
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  1. Tuyệt vời! Tôi đã chơi một lần, ở đường phố đi bộ Hồ Hoàn Kiếm. Bạn bè người Việt giới thiệu trò chơi cho tôi, vui thật! Cảm ơn vì giải thích luật chơi.

  2. Yes, it's a very nice game and ones you know it you can play it all over the world. It has different names and sometimes the rules are a bit different but all the variations belong to the big Mancala family ( It is considered as a mind game and it is the only mind game of which the computer had find out all variations…

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