How to SAVE Photos from Apple iPhone to Windows 10 PC

Hi, this video shows you how to save your photos from your Apple iPhone to your Windows 10 computer, when they are not showing up. So if you can see the photos on your phone but not on your computer then it is because they are saved to the iCloud. If you save them back onto your phone then the computer will be able to see them and download them. You can also log into iCloud directly from your computer and download them that way.
Many thanks, Vince 🙂


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  1. Am so excited with Z3RO_SECURITY on instaG because with her I'm so grateful what she solved for me 📱🔓

  2. what program you have in your PC to open the videos and pictures that is live format? coz i tried to download all files from my iphone 7 but i can not open them in PC. thanks…

  3. does not make sense… should explain where you get the application to open the file on PC 10, itunes or what?

  4. This windows phone companion is rubbish, it can only download photos and no videos. Bring back the good old days when you just connected a phone and it poped up in file manager.

  5. if you go into the apple folder in file explorer you should be able to go into a DCIM folder you then should be able to drag & drop them to your PC

  6. Mine are on the device and I’m still getting issues. It does like 30 or so and then stops

  7. Vince mate, just put the iCloud app on Windows 10, it background downloads all your cloud pictures onto your PC.

  8. Dont have an iPhone but watched to get my fix of vince, i also dont need to know how to change a coil pack but watched that as well, waiting in anticipation for week 4, Elliot is on the ball when it comes to releasing videos, pull your finger out Vince that applues to Tronics Fix (Steve) and Tampatec (Paul I think) as well lol.

  9. Good timing. I have a new Windows10 PC and my wife has an iPhone 6S

  10. As already in the cloud, prob easier to just download the icloud program and let that download the photos so always up to date copy on the pc

  11. Same when you uploade videos/photos on GoPro all you need is a usb c cable or if your is lower than the hero 5 micro usb cable except you power on the GoPro then plug it into the computer and then it up,Oates the video when you chose to upload

  12. Hi Vince, could you do a tutorial on transferring photos and video from an Android device like a Samsung S9+ to a MacBook Pro please? Easiest way possible?

  13. Let’s be honest, iPhone and iPad interconnection with non Apple is crap. Still, useful for people vexed by the convoluted Apple mentality.

    Keep up the good work fella

  14. Your videos have went down hill recently mate, used to love watching them but recently your fixing crap and now making videos like this 😐😐

  15. Easy way, download the send anywhere app. You make a temporary link on the phone. Then on the computer you open the link and download the photo. I haven't tried preconfigured emulators from one PC to the other yet. Still wondering if the settings will changed with the transfer link.

  16. i use an android and i prefer to use a file manager that moves files up through smb in the local area network.

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