How to Share wifi Password from iPhone 6, 7, 8, to iPhone X, Xr, Xs Max

Don’t know how do you share wifi password from iPhone to iPhone? Get here the easy ways to share wifi password in your running iOS X, Xr, Xs, and Xs Max

If you want to #ShareWifiPassword from one iPhone to another iPhone, you don’t need to face so many hassles. You can do this with ease without using any app. See below the steps to share the wifi password from one iPhone to another iPhone.

For this Process to work make sure both iPhone’s Bluetooth is turned on, their Screen is Unlocked and both are in each other’s Contacts. And also make sure both iPhones are close. Now to share Wi-Fi Password
• 1st Step: Open ‘Settings’ in the iPhone you are sharing your Wi-Fi password to, In this case, iPhone XR
• 2nd Step: Tap Wi-Fi
• 3rd Step: Select the same Wi-Fi Network as the iPhone Sharing Wi-Fi from
• 4th Step: The iPhone Sharing Wi-Fi, in this Case, iPhone 6+ will get a Pop-up box
• 5th Step: Tap ‘Share Password’
• 6th Step: And iPhone XR will get the Wi-Fi Password and it will Be Connected to the Wi-Fi network
So guys in this way you can share Wi-Fi password from iPhone to iPhone.

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