How to Share WiFi Password on iPhone & iPad Running iOS 12, 11 or iOS 13

Learn how to share WiFi Password with iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS 12,13 or iOS 11 firmware

Here are the steps to share WiFi passwords in iOS 12/11:

1. Make sure the Bluetooth is turned ON on both devices.
2. Open Settings and go to WiFi – your iPhone must be connected your WiFi network.
3. From the other device go to Settings – WiFi and select the same network.
4. The connected phone will pop up with a option to share the wifi password.
5. Click Share Password and the other device will be automatically connected to your network.

Another ways to share the wifi password with your guests is to create your own QR image and they can scan it with their camera to connect. Follow our guide here to learn how to do that

If you want to view the saved wifi passwords on your iPhone then you can follow our guide posted here

To view the saved WiFi passwords on your Android phone – you can follow this simple guide here

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  1. Then you can use both iPhones with the same WiFi ? I know you can with the Android, but not sure if works for iPhone (WiFi Hotspot vs WiFi sharing)

  2. Thank you brother. There is no service in my school and I can't call my parents. So I asked a friend for pass, he gave me but then I got a new phone. That friend then went on vacation so I couldn't get the password.

  3. How do I turn this off I don’t want my phone controlling this

  4. This didn’t work for me, I have an iPhone X and I tried to share the password with an iPhone 7.

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