How to Unlock iPhone 4 4s 5 – Apple's Factory Unlock any iOS 5 6 7

Unlock your iPhone 4 / 4s / 5 / 5s / 5c with the only legal unlock method in the market today – Apple’s Factory Unlock
This Method done by Apple using iTunes, all you have to do is:
1. Go to
2. Choose factory unlock
3. Enter the IMEI of your phone
4. Order the unlock request.
5. Within 3-5 hours you will receive an email saying your iPhone is now “Unlocked”
6. Connect your iPhone to the computer with iTunes
and that’s it your iPhone is now Unlocked 🙂

**The Factory Unlock is a Permanent Unlock and Won’t avoid your warranty**

100% Guaranteed or get your money back!
We support our customers 24/7:
1. Live Chat on the website
2. Toll Number – 1-800-606-2616
3. Facebook page:
4. Customers Tickets

iOS 6.0.1 6.1 6 5.1.1 5.0.1 5.1.1 7 baseband 04.12.01 04.10.01 04.12.02 Vodafone O2 Tesco UK, USA AT&T and many more…

So if you wonder how to factory unlock iPhone 4 4s 5 Without Jailbreak – this is the best place for you 🙂


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  1. Recommend CLINHACK on Instagram or +1(442) 233-2844 WhatsApp he got mine fixed

  2. Jag uppskattar * benhack22 * på Instagram han låser upp min iCloud he service är 100 legit.

  3. Jag uppskattar * benhack22 * på Instagram han låser upp min iCloud he service är 100 legit.

  4. Don’t do it. This doesn’t work. My phone was locked and per them it says is unlocked. I contacted them for a refund but the refund was denied. They just want your money. This is fraudulent!!!!

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  6. Hola a todos quiero explicarles algo que funciono para liberar mi movil es muy facil de hacer. Solo busquen liberar celular online .funciona para todos los modelos.

  7. the phone you bought and paid for is being locked by someone else and now you have to pay someone else to make the phone YOU paid for work again… fucking nerve of these people.

  8. Lol these unlock videos.. ALL the same. "Here how to unlock it.. go to this site and pa ymoney"

  9. When you have unlocked your phone. Can you update the iso for the phones? And what if you forgot which provider it is locked to

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