How To Unlock iPhone 8 Plus

I show you how to unlock your iPhone 8 Plus to allow you to use it on any GSM carrier world wide. Once the iPhone 8 Plus is unlocked, you can use a Sim Card from T-Mobile, AT&T, Orange, Vodaphone, Virgin Mobile or any other GSM carrier.

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  1. So my sis forgot her pasword and her phone died , and she dose not have a SIM card we tried the laptop thing but it didn't work what should we do?

  2. I know damn well y’all stole the phone or found it😂😂

  3. What if your LTE don't work but your calls and messages work after you replace your Sim PLEASE HELP

  4. You guys must be on crack. You can get iPhone X unlock for $34.

  5. Dude you are so full of shit that’s a 7+ jet black, then side bands are gloss black, ur sim tray is gloss black. Why would you even bullshit about something so stupid as what iPhone you’re working on..?? why??

  6. Hola amigos quiero compartirles algo que funciono para liberar mi cel es muy facil de hacer. Solo tienen que buscar liberar celular online . funciona para muchas marcas.

  7. Hola quiero mostrarles algo que sirve para liberar mi cel es sencillo de hacer. Solo googlen liberar celular online . funciono para mi iphone.

  8. $209.99 to unlock iPhone 8+ on sprint network which isn't even a guarantee it works and even if so GTFOH. Good Service, prices bad for business!! Ridiculous

  9. Hello Zollotech guy, I tried your Unlocking the iPhone 8 plus and I got scammed. It said within 2 days I would receive an email saying my iPhone 8 plus was unlocked. Well after 7 days I have not even heard for them. I called them and they told me there still working on it.. That's bullshitt Zollotech.. I love your videos, so I am surprise you would endorse a scam type of company.. They took my money and now I have nothing to show for it. Thanks Alot.. I am reporting them and you to the BBB for fraud!!!!

  10. Does the iPhone 8 have CDMA and GSM networks? I know last year the iPhone 7 didn't have CDMA networks compatibility from at&t

  11. 2 weeks ago I bought an iPhone 8 Plus from a guy online, turned out it was stolen and it’s locked by the previous carrier by its IMEI.
    Can I unlock it with this service?

  12. I bought my iphone8+ from U.S and using it in India. Now I am facing network problem. Please help me to solve the issue

  13. Hi Zollotech, I have a Samsung Galazy s8+ from Verizon. Can you please guide me on how to go with unlocking it.

  14. So I just got my iPhone 8 plus last week through AT&T, I DID NOT buy it outright. Now can I unlock it myself and take the phone to a different gsm carrier or will att lock it since it’s not paid for entirely yet?? Confused..

  15. I remember the days unlocking phone cost $5 , $125 to unlock iphone , relentless

  16. Do you know Aron, I met my fiancé through your chanel! ;)) Thank you for introducing imgur to me.

  17. AT&T unlocks their phones for free as long as they are paid off!! $124 is stupid ridiculousness!!!! Get it done free with your carrier!!!

  18. What do I select if I'm locked to total wireless ? That option isn't on their website.

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