How to Update & Unlock iPhone 3gS on Final iOS 6.1.6 – Untether Jailbreak

This Video is for iPhone 3gS users who depend on Ultrasn0w to Unlock their devices. Follow this correctly to have your iPhone 3gS Jailbroken and Unlocked successfully.

NOTE: If you are getting error 3194/3195 while updating then to solve this follow these instructions Just takes a minute or two. Then you must REBOOT your Computer.

Step 1: Update your iPhone 3gS via iTunes on your computer. Download iOS 6.1.6 from here: It will be updated to latest iOS 6.1.6 (Final Official version for iPhone 3gS)

Step 2: After the update if you are on an Unofficial Carrier or have no Sim Card then you will be stuck on Activation Screen. So run Redsn0w to bypass this Activation Screen. In Redsn0w BROWSE iOS 6.0 VERSION for iPhone 3gs (NOT iOS 6.1.6) Download iOS 6.0 here:

Download Redsn0w

Step 3: Once you have bypassed Activation Screen, you will NOT see Cydia on your iPhone. You need to turn it off and run Redsn0w again with ‘Just Boot’ option exactly as shown in the video.

Step 4: After ‘Just Boot’ You will see Cydia. Launch it and let it load its sources completely. Ignore Cydia Updates temporarily exactly as shown in the video and search for “P0sixpwn” (O is 0 here). Install it and this will make your Jailbreak Untethered. Now install all Updates by going to ‘Changes’ tab in Cydia. Reboot. Please NOTE that if your iPhone is Old Bootrom then you don’t need to install P0sixpwn. Your Jailbreak is already Untethered.

Step 5: Last and final step is to install Ultrasn0w. Now your iPhone will be fully Unlocked and you will have an Untether Jailbreak on iOS 6.1.6

((Not required- But you can find all iOS versions to download here ))

a) Keep in mind to Browse iOS 6.0 version in Redsn0w.
b) If your iPhone is updated to iOS 6.1.6 and you do not know what baseband it has then simply open Redsn0w on your computer and it will tell you your iPhone baseband (also shown in the video). So choose wisely what to do.
c) When selecting ‘Just Boot’ option, also browse iOS 6.0 first in ‘Select IPSW’ option and then choose Just Boot option. Also make very sure to power down your iPhone completely i.e, Slide to Power off.
d) If Redsn0w keeps failing to Jailbreak your iPhone 3gS then Restart your computer and try again.
e) Remember to turn off iPhone completely before doing any DFU mode.
f) If iPhone gets stuck on reboot then Hold Home and Power buttons together for 15 seconds, it will reboot normally. If that don’t help then try this out
g) After installing Ultrasn0w you still don’t get any service, then try to install iPad baseband again using Redsn0w’s “install iPad Baseband” option. Do this even if you already have iPad baseband 06.15.00 on your iPhone. Or if you already have 06.15.00 baseband then downgrade it to 05.13.04 by choosing Redsnow’s ‘Downgrade iPad baseband’ option.
h) Issues with SMS after Jailbreaking: Try ‘HandcentSMS’ Tweak from Cydia.

Feel free to leave a comment or ask me a private message as you like. Good luck !!


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  1. I tried every thing,until i watched your video,it worked great,thanks a lot.

  2. Exploit failed how to fix that?? Many users face this problem please solution???

  3. Does this still work! ive done this years ago but just got another 3gs and it keeps giving me errors and crashing im downloading your link but when i go and add the 6.0 isw redsnow crashes! im running windows 10 i changed the ipsw in file options and it doesnt give me the lego block like itr used to pleaase hellllpppppp

  4. I tried several programs and tutorials that didn't work, but your tutorial finally unlocked my 3gs. thanks!!

  5. For those experiencing the "exploit failed" problem, try different usbs, if still no a luck, a different computer!!!!

  6. Thanks for this video , it`s very important and it is detailed with a simple way that make any one can apply the instruction in his iphone , thank you for this and i hope that you succeed in your activities and in your life.

  7. What version of redsnow? It keeps saying that my ipsw file is not supported

  8. I don't see the point of you flying through a process that you say 'everyone has already done, or is familiar with'. You go at 1000mph so those who havent ever done this procedure before havent a clue what you're saying or showing us. That's a sh*t video mate.

  9. Does anyone else have the error : "exploit failed"?

  10. Thanks to you! very helpful .. hmm.. just wanna ask one last thing.. if I turn off my phone again, the 'no service' will never appear again?

  11. O love you man ……that was so easy and amazing….May god bless you more…plz give me your facebook id or contact no…..

  12. WOW my phone 3gs now is working thanks for u it is working .
    this video follow correctly is working every thing …….again Thank you.

  13. what happens if the things in cydia dont download completely?
    cause wifi is bad and disconnected it so…..

  14. I downloaded firmware 6.0 but cannot find the IPSW file . what is wrong ?

  15. after the first use of redsnow i get connect to itunes

  16. Guys if you guys still unable to Bypass, go download Iexplore then press root then find under a folder called application then delete
    It will auto bypass it

  17. You were so helpful man
    I have an old 3GS with a new bootloader
    So the soultion after aciden upgrade to 6.1.6 was jailbreaking WITH both install cydia and dowgrade baseband options (took me 3 tries and almost 5 hours to figure out). Then reboot tethered to use cydia. Then last reboot for ultrasn0w. I am also thankful for HandcentSMS advice!

  18. Hey man I have downloaded the redsnow version 0.9.15b3 and ios version 6.0 , But still my redsnow is shownig the ipsw is not supported by the version of redsnow, Why it is like that ?anyone one knows???? and my itunes version is 12.1.3


  20. After 3h searching i finally found whats wrong:

    Redsn0w said: Not Supported Version (i downloaded 6.0 like 10 times and tried.)

    Deinstalling Apple Itunes and all Features.. suddenly a Windows opened while i was trying to deinstall Bonjour "Close Hactivation of Iphone 3gs"… they are crazy.. hate apple!

    .. reinstalled with older Version of Itunes .. Opened Redsn0w again.. and: no issues.. got my phone jailbreaked.

  21. Thanks a lot man. Someone jacked my Tmobile iPhone 5s leaving me with only an older 32GB iPhone 3Gs thats AT&T locked. Helped a lot, didn't think it would be this easy.
    Back in 2011 I remember this being way more complicated

  22. exploit failed help please i already try it many time always exploit failed

  23. I did all the steps but when I went to extras ipsw i couldn't find the ipsw for my iPhone 3GS a d yes I had it pluged in

  24. Oh Really hard, But i tried again and again until attaining see video and your write detail thank you.

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