How to Use Google Earth Tutorial 2020 – Beginners Guide For Teachers, Parents, and Kids

#GoogleEarth #HowToUseGoogleEarth #Google Earth Tutorial This how to use Google Earth tutorial will show you how to travel across the globe using pre-made programs through Voyager, or create your own projects.

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  1. Brother, I'm neither a teacher nor a student. I'm just a dude who loves to travel and has been stuck at home for 6 months because 2020 is such a bogus year. Thanks for the info. I've been traveling the globe for free for the past few weeks on Google Earth. It's a phenomenal program. It literally puts you wherever you want to be. No passport or hotel needed. It's more awesome when you know some shortcuts and what everything does. Thanks for the tips, brother. Give my regards to Broadway.

  2. Very interesting for students and they can explore all around the world just by clicking

  3. How do I make place names appear in the latin alphabet? I remember place names in China and Russia used to use latin letters but not anymore, how do I change it back?

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