How to Use Hey Siri on iPhone 6S iPhone 7 iPhone 8 iPhone 6s Plus iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 8 plus


  1. Siri Help Me Do This
    Me:Thank U Siri
    Siri:Welcome Mr.Ugly
    Me:Did You Say Ugly Me
    Me:Siri Am I Hungry Or Not
    Siri:Yes Mr.Hentes
    Me:Yes Am I
    Me:Whats My Name??
    Me:Ok Thats All It My Say!! Bye Siri
    Siri:Bye Mr.Hentes Keep Safe Love You
    Siri:….. Bye
    Me:…..Bye Bye

  2. On my phone when i say hey siri i have to search to talk with siri, can someone help me? I want to talk to him with my voice

  3. Hey siri doesn't work for me no matter what i do, except when i press the home button, but it won't let me set up the "hey siri"when phone is locked.

  4. Everything works fine except when I ask siri something it doesn't answer through the speaker, it answers where I have to put my ear to the phone…. How do I get it to answer through the speaker??? Iphone 11.

  5. when i press on listen for"hey siri" it gets my sound but keep asking me to say it agains and i am still in the first step but hold the home botton it hears me and recognise it
    iphone 6s plus i hope you find a solution

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