I bought a rare iPhone 5 on iOS 6 for $75!


  1. I know I sound like a weirdo but I have issues and not having ios6 has been bugging for over a year

  2. Please can you sell me it please After a glitch I lost everything on my phone and was forced into ios 10 please

  3. My grandpa bought the same phone you have and it has ios 6. He never updated it because he didnt know how to do it. The phone is in very good condition, protected by a 360 case.
    Good thing that i have it now as he has another phone.

  4. I have a slate iPhone 5 on iOS 6.1.4. I am worried that it’ll auto update (as it already downloaded iOS 8.4.1).. What should I do? Should I jailbreak it?

  5. I won one on eBay for 41 dollars on Sunday(white and silver 32gb). All of the pictures depict it on iOS 6 so I snagged it, I just hope they haven’t updated it before they shipped it, but it was on the setup screen so they probably would’ve had to connect it to a computer to update it. Comes with the box and a free case which is sick. Seller said it had some white spots on the LCD but not too noticeable. I do still plan on replacing the screen though.

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  7. I just bought an iPhone 4S for $50 usd. It was on iOS 9, but I successfully downgraded it to iOS 6 and I love it! It’s delicious. I need to find an iPhone 5 on iOS 6 because you can’t downgrade iPhone 5.

  8. Your extremely lucky to find out the ios 6 version of the iPhone 5 for just 75$. Well I'm not able to find out in amazon or ebay for ios 6 version of iPhone 5 for 75 or less and I think its too damn rare to find one of this

  9. ¿Podrías enviarme el link? Quiero comprarlo también 🤭😍 me encantan tus videos y extraño demasiado el iOS 6 ¡saludos desde México! Espero y respondas

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