I Made Among Us, but it's 3D

haha 3d among us go brr
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so after i made a fall guys clone in the last video, i was destroyed by comments about Among us, so here we go, Im making among us. Took me like 1-2 weeks, was actually much more work than i thought it would be.
this version is 3d, so it’s quite the different experience, but it’s a lot of fun. Unfortuantely, I can’t give out the download, at least not yet. If anything changes, you will be able to find the download here. cheers

Hey! If you’re new here, welcome! I’m an indie game developer, currently working on a physics based game using Unity. This is my devlog / devblog where I show off the progress I make on it. I’ll try uploading every week, but I’m pretty busy with university and part time job, so I won’t have time every week. But I’ll do my best!

GTX 1060

Laptop / tablet
Surface Pro i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB Storage

My Equipment:
Keyboard – Varmilo VA88M rgb
Mouse – Logitech G305
Mic – AT2020+
Screen – ViewSonic 24″ LED Curved VX2458
Headset – Steelseries Arctis 3

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  2. why does this have so many dislikes lmao I thought it was fun n creative

  3. Would be cool if you tried to make a game in on of the RPG Makers (fek.s vx ace, mv and xp)

  4. "3D Among Us" First Among us 3d game ever made,Wow

  5. does eney body ever rember off the sticks? well one of the character's is called "Billy" and guess who's back in karlson 🙂 (REFRENCE TO OFF THE STICKS)

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