Illusion Connect – Gear Guide | mid-game

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  1. You don't need dupe gear to advance. You can buy an honor gem from the store using currency from exploration that acts as a dupe.

  2. i don't know if you already did this kind of video or not, but maybe reviews on some low rarity units beside pan/rikia that is viable to use from early to mid game so people who is f2p won't be desperately trying to get certain ssr thinking they won't be able to clear stages without them, cause i was like that and after learning more about the game i realized i can just breeze through the stage using only R-SR units such as mary, rie, and chiyo

  3. Is it viable to run 2 tanks in one team like Selena and Kiraya, also my teams average energy is 13.7 which I feel like is a bit to high, what are your thoughts ??

  4. When you said you found bloodsucker from exploration…. was it from completion reward chest?

  5. so im new to this game currently level 19 and I just found out that there is a gear system. It never told me about it and you have to click on a character, then details, then swipe up. Its pretty hidden and it wont let me click on the slots, do I have to get to a certain point in the game to be able to use gear?

  6. Great stuff Borkono!

    You plan to run the sorcerer comp? You've got Annie + Yuffie/Chiyo/Mary/Nina 🙂

  7. Who should be my tank between selena 3 star and annie 4 star? I have a hard time deciding.

  8. I have been wondering if the dreamweaver thing is permanent or not, considering it have like a month timer which make me hesitate to buy it, after all I can't say for sure that I can get the most out of it in one month time. Can anyone that bought it tell me if it is monthly or permanent?

  9. Nice bro. I also main Pan she is fantastic in arena/Arcana for those 1 shot kills. You know you can get 5/ 6 passive from leader right. Build your lineup around that for extra damage.

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