Illusion Review – with Tom Vasel

Tom Vasel takes a look at Illusion, a perspective game designed by Wolfgang Warsch!


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  1. Given the verbal high praises, I was actually surprised, it "only" got an approval, no excellency.

  2. Like Timeline, someone like Raymond Babbitt would have a MAJOR advantage in this game!

  3. We like the game but only with house rule.

    What happens was that when in doubt you can also call bluff. You can have a chance to win which is better to wait till your turn comes up again.

    That way you can also win by people before you calling bad bluffs or by being bad at the game by putting the order wrong.

    The player before you has too much impact.

    That's why we play that an error means taking an arrow. A wrong bluff means an arrow. Or the person left of a good bluff takes the arrow.

    3 arrows and you are out of the game. Play until one person is left.
    That person is the winner.

    What do you guys think of this alternative scoring method?

  4. Given his popularity this year, I am surprised there was no mention of the designer, Wolfgang Warsch.

  5. Interesting that Tom did not mention that it's from our newest Wunderkind Wolfgang Warsch (The Mind, Ganz schön clever, Die Quacksalber von Quedlinburg).

  6. Lol i don't get Tom… he will review one game thats super plain and meh.. and he will dump all over it and say zero effort very little engagement and throw it under the bus.. then a game like this which is next level low effort and he raves about it lol…

  7. I was just able to play this yesterday at Grand Con. Eric actually played a game of it with us. I really enjoyed it. This is definitely on my list to buy.

  8. I don't understand where is the fun in calculating colour areas and guessing a percentage! To me this looks so boring ans repetitive. Luckily we are all difference! There are game for every kind of people. To me this looks like an exercise for kids at school.

  9. Btw, this is how you want to play the Timeline series of games as opposed to the rules from the rulebook.  Much better this way!

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