*iOS 14* iphone customization + organization tips/tricks! MUST DO!

welcome to my how to customize your iphone with iOS 14 video! SO EXCITED ABOUT THE NEW UPDATE! i show you the best widgets, how to change the app icons with shortcuts, how to utilize the app library, + more!
#iphonecustomization #ios14

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1.) how to update to ios14 : 1:00
2.) how to pick an aesthetic : 1:24
3.) declutter + organize apps: 2:24
4.) how to use widgets! 4:09
5.) how to make app covers: 8:10
6.) back tap feature: 10:02
7.) other fun widget apps: 10:41

*iOS 14* iphone customization + organization tips/tricks! MUST DO!

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  1. You could do this before the ios 14 update, idk why people think it’s the new update

  2. I’m new to ur channel and this video helped me a lottt thank you so much for explaining and sharing this with us:)

  3. I have seen some people complain that this widgetsmith app gives your phone a virus and makes it almost unusable, does anybody know if this is true?

  4. So I updated it.. it says it updated but it won’t let me change anything or download widget Smith

  5. Yes U can get customised music widgets while you listen to music with tunetrack app but U have to pay for the premium version ($2.98) to access that feature.

  6. Mine doesn’t change my apps at all. It doesn’t move them it doesn’t change them. It did nothing. Someone pls help

  7. I got an IPhone 11 and I love it. I was an avid android user before hand and I’m never going back. Lol.

  8. What's funny about their update that Huawei already has this feature but nobody cared about it.

  9. Where did you get the beige rainbow picture? It’s not on your Pinterest board. Amazing vid btw 🙂

  10. Thank you so much, your video was so helpful. I loved your pictures on your phone too.

  11. Smh I customize my Iphone 6 the og way, using only shortcuts, spoiled IOS14’ers 🙄😎🤡

    btw this is a joke don’t get offended 🥰

  12. When I go to the Settings in Software Update there is No iOS14?? It says my phone is on the newest one which is iOS12.4.8
    Can anyone help me?

  13. I came here to say why the fuck do we need a picture of you holding the phone in the thumbnail, I don’t understand why every girl who posts a video like this has to have a pick of them holding the phone in the thumbnail

    But good vid I guess

  14. One day Apple is going to update and give us an option to add custom features so you can do these without the extra work and everyone who decided to customize like this is just gonna go “👁👄👁”

  15. Message joe7hacker on Instagram, he's legit and fast at is service, he just recover mine now.

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