iOS 14 – theme* your iPhone!

Use the Shortcuts app to customize icons on your iPhone. Ayeris –

iOS 14 Aesthetics! In this video I show you how to “theme” iOS 14 by creating custom icons using the *Shortcuts app. This tutorial uses Ayeris, a jailbreak theme that’s been ported to non-jailbreak devices. This theme contains many popular icons for first party and third-party apps. There are also many backgrounds included as well.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to use Ayeris to follow this tutorial, as you can download other icons or simply design your own. See iOS 14 TikTok Aesthetics for more ideas.

You can try out Ayeris by visiting
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0:00 Introduction
1:17 Hide Home screen pages
1:46 Remove all apps from last page
2:47 Download your theme icons
4:07 Use Shortcuts to create app icons
6:19 Enable Reduce Motion
6:40 Add wallpaper
7:15 Add remaining desired icons

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  1. Lol I thought this was gonna be like 5 steps within 3 mins and DONE but NOOOPE….but DAMN y’all need patience for this… ridiculous but definitely cute tho :/

  2. Jeff with the jailbreak dna. The only reason why I follow 9-5. This is Jeff with Idownloadblog

  3. It looks cool but to much to to get that look maybe Apple should guve us way to download themes from App Store

  4. This is fine and all, but how do I get the Shortcuts app? I just updated to 14.0.1, and I don’t have the app.

  5. Go to settings accessibility go to motions then reduce motion to on an then turn on prefer cross fade transitions on an you will not see the shortcut thing at all any more it will act just like the app does

  6. I strongly recommend cyberwizard19 on Instagram,he helped me jailbreak my iPhone 11,that guy is a great hacker indeed .

  7. I strongly recommend cyberwizard19 on Instagram, he helped me jailbreak my iPhone 11 ,that guy is a great hacker indeed

  8. Apple simply need to offer more customization, period. Alas, this process works, but seems like 'a lot of work'. Regardless, thanks for sharing…

  9. This is long and stupid. Even the other way using iskin is stupid as hell considering iskin doesn't change the icon but creates a shortcut icon to the app.

  10. You can also drag all stacked icons and drop them into the App Library to remove them from the Home Screen

  11. So it’s like how we do in windows, create a shortcut and then customise icon. Well that’s not theming as in the case of android. I am happy with the stock icons, they are the best.

  12. Love seeing what other people have done, but just can’t do the shortcut to app transition on every open.

  13. I’m sorry, but this just looks like a monumental waste of time. I’ll stick with just googling for a cool wallpaper and grouping my apps into folders. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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