iPhone 3GS in 2020

The iPhone 3GS in 2020

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  1. My dad has an iphone 3gs but it has no phone service so i cant do much like download apps on it but it has a case on it and it has stuff on it idrk XD

  2. I just got this iPhone 3GS at a local flea market for only $1. Still works well. The last iOS it supports is iOS 6.1.6!

  3. some people would say it is sad that we demand bigger things, and yet they are still content with the iphone 2G in 2025

  4. If you want to know what it's like to use this device for a week check out my latest video! Thank You

  5. Where is the location you film with the bridge and water?It looks beautiful.

  6. The pictures and video don’t look that bad at all. I would’ve definitely got the job done in the beginning of the 2010’s

  7. Idk, how much you think I can sell my Iphone 3GS with flappy bird original and tap tap revenge 4?
    greeting from Perú 🇵🇪🤘🏻

  8. I have a couple 3gs. I never use them simply because there is zero support, and no modern apps for them.

  9. Does anybody have info on how long the iphone apple 3G will last? Any theories? Greatest product or thing I have ever owned no other product comes close.

  10. Well, the reason why did Steve Jobs Designed the iPhone that small because he wants to make our single hand to touch some of the corners of the iPhone like if could watch the iPhone 5 TVC telling “Our Thumb, it goes from here to here…”

  11. I still have and love my 3GS! Btw you can downgrade your 3gs to iOS 4.1 which is much faster! You should try that out! You even get that iPod music app and old YouTube. You should try before one day Apple won’t sign that ipsw.

  12. My first phone was an iphone 3gs, I got it when I was 5, this was 10 years ago, talking about nostalgia

  13. I generally dislike apple products, but the iphone 3g, and 3gs will always hold a special place in my heart.

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