iPhone 5S vs iPhone SE – 2020 Comparison

The iPhone 5S and SE might look the same, but they’re two completely different phones internally. Minus the selfie camera. That thing is horrible on both devices. But anyways, today let’s compare the two phones and see how they hold up!

iPhone SE Review –
iPhone 5S Review –

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  1. Only place where apple went wrong on iPhone SE was the vibration motor gosh it is horrible even when compared to phones like S7
    Apple already had the technology of the Taptic engine since 2014 with Apple Watch and 2015 with iPhone 6s they just needed to put a Taptic Engine in the SE and it would already literally feel much more modern

  2. iPhone SE since it had the battery and body of 5S but a chip of 6S, created issues, like horrible battery and overheating but all in all in 2020 SE is much better

  3. Curious to hear about the “battery health” of other people’s SEs. I just got mine used (I believe it was part of that refurbished rerelease Apple did). It’s dropped from 100% to 97% within like a month. But not sure if the batteries were replaced during the rerelease.

  4. Actually, since this video of your the 5S has received at least four iOS 12 software updates right up to the present in April 2020. It’s the most extraordinarily supported iPhone ever – even more so than most knowledgeable people assume.

  5. My se battery is always going flat too fast no matter what battery i put in .

  6. According to Google in there fataly flawed wisdom iPhone 5s "will be supported until March 21, 2021. (Unless you bought it in California or Turkey, in which case you have until 2023.)", and iPhone SE support is to drop off sometime this year in 2020. Why on Earth would they drop support sooner on a superior phone? I realize according to you this likely won't be the case.

  7. Watching this on my iPhone SE, waiting for the SE 2020, maybe I’ll consider upgrading …

  8. It's not just the budget for me. I personally love the feel of the 5s size. And the look is nicer than any other iphone IMO. That rectangular machined metal body with small form factor is mmmm sexy

  9. I love the box design…don't like the new design. Slim and slippery…wish Apple goes back with this design on their new iphone..

  10. My SE just bit the bullet a week ago. Luckily I had enough saved up to replace it. I’ve got an 11 now and I love it but I still kind of miss my SE.

  11. I have a 5s, I was in the middle of an upgrade and i think it got hung up because there was not enough swap space for the upgrade. so when i power it up, all that happens is the Apple Logo shows up on the Screen, it blinks, and every once in a while the screen turns Red… can you help me with this, or tell me where I can get it serviced.. I have data that I'd love to get off.. if so please reply to sportster2@prodigy.net. Thanks

  12. The SE has a front flash which helps but I do want a nicer front camera! That’s my main complaint. Other than that I feel like my phone is just fine.

  13. Anyone else here don't take selfie's? Front facing camera is Isles for me since I never use it.

  14. Thanks for these great videos
    I like how the iPhone 8 is a 7S.
    X = 8
    XR = 8S
    XS = 9
    11 = 9S
    11 Pro = 10

  15. I'm mainly still kicking it with the iPhone SE all these later because of the form factor. I do A LOT of workflow with it. My eco system consists of the iPad 6th gen, this iphone and my windows PC.
    So half the time I'm rendering small photo edits and videos on Adobe Premiere Rush most of the time.
    I love how it still kicks butt, but I am starting no notice a slow down when I have 6+ apps running at the same time, and talk about HEAT. The little device can get HOT.
    Still, I love it, probably the best phone I have ever used. I would love it if Apple ever released another small form factor phone, but for now, I might switch to a different phone soon.

    (P.S- i love it when people look at it and assume its either the 4 or 5, or are so young they just look at it confused xDD )

  16. I'm looking to upgrade from a 5s to SE or 7. If you see this comment 91Tech, please tell me which is the best bang for your buck!

  17. Im pissed i have an iphone 11 as my main phone but i got 2 phone lines so for my second phone line i ordered an iphone 5s online and it didnt come with a sim card and these sim cards are so rare to find its ridiculous i have sprint and they cant even find a sim card ANYWHERE

  18. What about the battery for se2 but I phone 5s good model battery was not longer.

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