iphone 6 Error 4013


  1. Abicim meraba benim iphone 4 s hat okumuyodu guncelleme yaparken -1 hatasi verdi ayni bu sekil basebandi degismesi lazim nasil yapabiliriz acaba

  2. you should call this video how I show off to techs who dont have the gear I have. That was as helpful to most of us as telling us to drill a hole in our heads. Many folks just as smart as you would love to have that gear. My point is there are people like me who saw a ray of sunshine when they looked at the title of the video, only to have their hopes smashed by equipment almost none of us have. I am lucking to have a decent scope that works and a good soldiering station… Here you are using shit to repair chips. More power to you. Why dont you title the video Why you can not fix a 4013 error, but I can??? That would make more sense. pfff. Like NA NA! HA HA look what I can do with basic soldiering skills and a bankroll. Shit with that type of cash you could just buy another phone. And if you are doing this for customers than you are the only one on earth. Apple would have tossed that phone and said "youre shit out of luck"

  3. Lg v10 video .I open my processor in 2 part and now I don't join together give me the name of all products (specially injection water )what is its name its use full I think

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