iPhone 6 Plus 128gb for sale on eBay factory unlocked


  1. I really wanna buy an iphone 6 plus now.. But im scared to buy an iphone from ebay.

  2. I am from Iraq, I work in the field of mobile phones and I am looking for someone in America who works with us and is a business

  3. I found a iphone x and u plus factory unlocked in ebay.. its a little cheap.. i want to buy one but im afraid hehe

  4. Hi too those of you might have a faulty iphone 6 plus if youd like to sell it for parts, Give me a shout?

  5. Can I buy the 64gb I phone 6 plz. And also how much would I have to pay?

  6. Hey, recently bought an iPhone 6s Plus 16GB from Ebay and the seller Is from China. Im really scared to know If I might get scammed.

  7. He got the fake one, The apple logo at the back is soo mirrored that u can see yourself there and the lines at the back. the real one in apple logo at the back is kind of blurry and in the lines has to be light color not dark

  8. Ik on the right side it says 99. Something % but it doesn't have to be 99 it has to be above 90 goof feedback and then that means they won't scam

  9. if u use paypal on an iphone 6 ( not 6s) r u safe plz reply im getting a phone soon and scared as hell

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